You are an experienced and successful Recruiter, but going forward you are looking at your work environment choices.

These are pretty limited. You could continue with what you are doing, going to the office at a set time, leaving at a set time and generally being time poor and not in control. Or you could set up your own recruitment company and take the financial, legal and administrative burdens and risks that come with this responsibility, making you time poor and probably not in control. Alternatively, you could leave the industry, but it’s what you know and you’re good at it.

Imagine this.

You work as much or as little as you want, taking back freedom and control. Keep reading, as we think we can offer you a partnership way to achieve this.

Work life Balance

Our partnership offering is a dynamic and positive approach to work-life balance. A partnership that allows you to do the other important things in your life, that you are currently not achieving, because you’re nailed to the office or spending hours in traffic getting to and from work.

Take back control

Our proposition allows you to take back control and introduce flexibility back into your life. No more missed parent’s evenings or important family commitments.

Work from anywhere

In todays connected world we can see that “Work” is something that can be achieved from anywhere in the world, we believe that this can turn “upside down” the old thoughts of inflexible working and as such have embraced the choice and flexibility that the modern day connect world has to offer.

Part of the team

We know the value of working and being part of a team and understand that this can be degraded or even lost when working remotely. We understand the power of the collaborative team effort and so have put things in place through technology that allows you to feel like you are working in a close environment when probably, you are not even in the same town or city, let alone same office.

Mind and body

We’ve all heard it, but struggle to find the time “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”. Our approach will allow you to always find time to keep fit and healthy and pursue your lifestyle choices to underpin this.


We are looking for genuine Partners to work with us, so here is what we are offering.

  • A fantastic commission scheme.
  • Full Admin and Finance Legal and Back Office Support.
  • Comprehensive recruiters tool kit, which will include access to job boards and CRM.
  • Flexibility and a great team environment.
  • Access to help and support from highly motivated, experienced and successful likeminded Partners.

We are currently seeking Partners for our Engineering, Telecoms, Construction, IT and Driving divisions, but are open to other areas of services you may currently be active in. Our partners all join us with 5+ years’ experience within their selected area of expertise or profession. They are highly motivated and very successful. If this is you, we are keen to explore a partnership opportunity with you.

Contact us by submitting your CV to: